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About us

Betra Manufacturing Company

Since 1957

We service industries that require castings with a high degree of difficulty.

Betra is run by craftsmen dedicated to the art of creating challenging products.

With nearly 60 years in operation, you can count on Betra to provide your high quality aluminum castings on time and per specification.

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Our goals

  • 01.


    To be the premier American aluminum casting company - Proud to be made in the USA.

  • 02.


    To remain the highest quality aluminum casting provider in the USA. ISO registered.

  • 03.

    On Time

    To maintain a high level of assurance for on-time delivery and to provide the flexibility for expedited customer pull-in demands.

  • 04.

    On-Site Inventory

    To provide VHI (Vendor Held Inventory) meeting customers' build-ahead requirements.

Our approach

We work proactively with customers from ITO through OTR